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Headlight 15


The 15th edition of Headlight Anthology has arrived!

Concordia University’s literary anthology publishing both students and alumni, founded by Joshua Knelman, offers up a sophisticated collection on the theme of Lost, Found, and Stolen in it’s 15th anniversary issue.

Editors-in-Chief: T Noah J Nazim, Kathryn Pobjoy, and Katherine Sehl did a fanstastic job bringing everything together and designer James Bouthilier has impressed the hell out of me with this classy tome.

I’m not just saying that because I’m in it either!

It is a beautifully designed book. But you don’t have to take my word for it! Go pick up your own copy and see for yourself! Just 7 bucks!

Headlight Anthology can be found at these particular locations:

The Word Bookstore
The Concordia Co-op Bookstore
The National Library
Argo Books
Drawn & Quarterly

Or simply fire them a message at headlightanthology@gmail.com or on their facebook page!

This volume features the work of:
Jesse Anger
Heidi Barkun
Michael Belcher
Emily Comeau
Natalie Draz
Stefani Forster
Celyn Harding-Jones
Richard Harvor
Fazeela Jiwa
Aliya Kahsay
Rebecca Loughead
Jessi MacEachern
Aeron MacHattie
Rabecca MacPhee
Edith Maisonneuve
Domenica Martinello
Elena Blanco Moleon
Tyler Morency
Lizy Mostowski
T. Noah J. Nazim
Ali Pinkney
Kathryn Pobjoy
Diandre Prendimano
Laura Rokas
Bailey Seybolt
Adam Simms
Jenny Smart
Ksenija Spasic
Ben Spencer
Julian Stamboulieh
Andrea Sun
Stephanie Wong Ken

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In search of a location for a biodegradable art installation!

Coming soon to a vacant lot near you!

Once sporting urban establishments, now empty and unused, Dead Zones are part of city sight seeing… but they don’t have to be.
This summer, Emily Cook and I are planning to turn just such an empty lot in Ottawa into a living and growing art installation.

This project is called Transplant and it is envisioned to be a structure made entirely out of living materials. The installation is encouraged to under go the natural changes resulting from its location and the public is encouraged to interact with the site. Over the month of August we are going to construct a tunnel book out of plants and paper, as the elements erode the paper structure, the plants will flourish leaving in it’s place a late summer community garden.

This immense and interactive tunnel book made from local plant materials will revouvenate a barren patch of city and bring temporary functionality to an otherwise dead zone. Sound familiar? You may have even heard about it through the Awesome Ottawa Foundation, who has generously agreed to fund it.

We can’t do it alone! We need you help! Do you have a Dead Zone near you? Tell us where and your area could be a part of this innovative project! Ottawa, be our eyes and ears.

The ideal location site for this installation is an unused plot of land, with dirt not concrete or gravel, in the city where construction has left it empty and no plans for development have been advertised. Site should be exposed to plenty of sun and be located in an area with some pedestrian traffic.

Below is an example of one such plot of land in Montreal.

Do you know of a place like this? Do you have a better idea of where you would like to see this project? Tell us about it!

Contact: emily.comeau@gmail.com

Empty lot in Montreal.

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Recap and Preview

Been keeping busy since that last post in February. Very busy.

Here are some of the things that I have been up to…..
Well, March madness struck and I collaborated with some musicians on their Sensory Overload show.
Show poster
For this show me and some friends produced 7 sculptures of Rubiks cubes wrapped around sheep. The sheep ranged from 7 inches to 7 feet and fun was had by all involved in this project.
Hanging sheep

Sweet Mother Logic is very interesting band with a solid and professional sound. Every show they put on is much more than a concert, it is a full on theatrical maneuver! This event was incredible and diverse and jam packed with talented artists coming together for fun and drinks. I am privileged to have been a part if it.

April is Fibre Arts month!
I have been making sure to do my part to contribute. Initiatives, collaborations, publications and charitable donations are some of the ways that I am commemorating Fibre Arts Month!
Sent away two fine art postcards as an experiment to see how they would survive the mail and they made it to their destination! Sadly, I forgot to photograph them before they made the journey.
If you are in the NY area you should pop by The Brooklyn Art Library and see if you can spot me.
It is a great place to be.

Then it was the 20 x 20 show at CTCM.
ctcm ctcm
This month I donated a few things to be sold to benefit the Centre Textiles Contemporain de Montreal at their 20th Anniversary party and fundraiser, 20 x 20. It was a huge success and tons of fun. $8 000 have been raised so far! The exhibition will be up until April 30th.

Coming soon:
Mail Me Something Book (June)
The postcards sent out to the Mail Me Something postcard show at the Brooklyn Art Library in New York are not only on display they are also in a book!
To pre-order your copy click the link
Order Now!

High Chroma Picnic (dates TBA)
The sheep and I will be going for a walk in the park. Fun and photos, live music and food. Something you have to see to believe.

Too Cool For Art School! Art and Science Fair (May 8th)
Taking Family Portrait on the road! On May 8th I will be in Toronto presenting my work in cyanotype at the Harbourfront Center.
For more information on this event click HERE.

Erronious Zones (dates TBA)
This exhibit will be an interdisciplinary presentation of work that addresses the many ways in which the body is ‘mistaken’. When and where this happens you will find Simulacra, my hand/gloves.

….. and be sure that I have at least a 1/2 dozen other plates in the air. The updates to come promise action, adventure, drama, romance and loads of art.

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