Headlight 15


The 15th edition of Headlight Anthology has arrived!

Concordia University’s literary anthology publishing both students and alumni, founded by Joshua Knelman, offers up a sophisticated collection on the theme of Lost, Found, and Stolen in it’s 15th anniversary issue.

Editors-in-Chief: T Noah J Nazim, Kathryn Pobjoy, and Katherine Sehl did a fanstastic job bringing everything together and designer James Bouthilier has impressed the hell out of me with this classy tome.

I’m not just saying that because I’m in it either!

It is a beautifully designed book. But you don’t have to take my word for it! Go pick up your own copy and see for yourself! Just 7 bucks!

Headlight Anthology can be found at these particular locations:

The Word Bookstore
The Concordia Co-op Bookstore
The National Library
Argo Books
Drawn & Quarterly

Or simply fire them a message at headlightanthology@gmail.com or on their facebook page!

This volume features the work of:
Jesse Anger
Heidi Barkun
Michael Belcher
Emily Comeau
Natalie Draz
Stefani Forster
Celyn Harding-Jones
Richard Harvor
Fazeela Jiwa
Aliya Kahsay
Rebecca Loughead
Jessi MacEachern
Aeron MacHattie
Rabecca MacPhee
Edith Maisonneuve
Domenica Martinello
Elena Blanco Moleon
Tyler Morency
Lizy Mostowski
T. Noah J. Nazim
Ali Pinkney
Kathryn Pobjoy
Diandre Prendimano
Laura Rokas
Bailey Seybolt
Adam Simms
Jenny Smart
Ksenija Spasic
Ben Spencer
Julian Stamboulieh
Andrea Sun
Stephanie Wong Ken

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