Post Nuit Blanche recap

Well, what a night! Happy to have made it through to the other side!

Thanks everyone who came out to Studio427 on Saturday night and partook in our sleepless night and grill cheese sandwiches! It was so nice to see you all!

It got quite busy in there!

Sadly, I wasn’t feeling well and so I ended up playing things really easy that night and stuck to the Belgo instead of running all over town to see cool things. The Belgo is far from boring though and was jam packed with interesting things. Things like this nerdy number by Winthrop Jones titled Brad Pitt Skin:

And this piece by Tyson Parks title Blog Roll. As you may know, I am always a huge fan of toilet paper inspired art and puns and so this piece was quick to win my heart.

More information about that show over at Ratsdeville if you are interested.

However, the highlight of my night was definitely the nawhale pulling the chariot! Sadly I didn’t catch who made it. Do you know? I have just been informed that this masterful papier-mâché creature exists thanks to the MAW Collective, a group made up of the talented Gabriel Baribeau, Jackson Darby, Max Evans, John Gunner, Craig Spence and Simon Zaborskia. Thanks for the info, John!
More informtaion on this group and the show I saw can be found here! on the Eastern Bloc blog.

Anyway, the trouble with Nuit Blanche is that no matter how well you plan things or how rested you are, you just can’t do everything. Hopefully, next year I will not be sick and will be able to up my art intake substantially.

See you next year!

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2 thoughts on “Post Nuit Blanche recap

  1. John says:

    The narwhale and chariot was made by the mawcollective.

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