Daily Doughnut


Daily Doughnut explores ideas of compulsion and the dichotomy of creation and consumption.  This work is an endless production of crocheted pastries.  An approachable piece that holds considerable conceptual “weight”.

A sense of humor is evident in my art practice.  My work explores ideas of accessibility and disposable culture and presents itself as a reaction to a culture of over intellectualized and inaccessible art.  Through my work I struggle to create unpretentious objects that dare to be enjoyable, fun and pretty without abandoning their conceptual identity.  Repetitive gesture activities and ideas of compulsion and obsession are themes that reoccur throughout my pieces.
Using crochet as a medium, I have constructed 28 doughnuts of a range of “flavors” restricting myself to representing only existing varieties.  For the presentation of this piece in the Art Matters festival I will be exhibiting the doughnuts under glass cake domes, each filled with 7 doughnuts, representing days and weeks and implying the longevity of this piece.
Each doughnut measures approximately 3 ½” in diameter and 1 ½” in depth and is constructed from acrylic yarns and polyester filling.

Daily Doughnut is an ongoing project.

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