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Little ideas are growing quickly….

Dear loyal fans and followers, I have news!

This AWESOME organization has just awarded me $1000 for being AWESOME! How AWESOME is that?! Well, the money is also maybe, probably, likely because of my AWESOME new collaborative project with artist Emily Cook.
Together, her and I are going to transform a small section of Ottawa, Ontario into something AWESOME. Just you wait and see….. the seeds have been planted in our minds, the funding is watering them, the interest in our idea is warming them and something will be sprouting up any minute now….

For more information about the project and the organization that is funding it click here.

More updates on this project as it develops. Promise!

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Objects of Desire

If you were fortunate enough to be in the Toronto area this past Sunday you may have heard of a little festival called the Day of Delight, organized by The Clay and Paper Theatre. It took place in Dufferin Grove Park from 2-5pm and it was truly something to see.

I was there! It was great!

At the festival, themed around love, courtship and desire, I was happy to present a new work of art to a new audience in a new format for me. This was a collaborative dance piece. Working with visual artist Emily Cook and dancer Eden Kaill Fenrick, we banded together and produced something unique and lovely, also entertaining I think. You can judge for yourself. There is now a video online for your viewing and linking pleasure. The audio was graciously provided by Sweet Mother Logic.

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Recap and Preview

Been keeping busy since that last post in February. Very busy.

Here are some of the things that I have been up to…..
Well, March madness struck and I collaborated with some musicians on their Sensory Overload show.
Show poster
For this show me and some friends produced 7 sculptures of Rubiks cubes wrapped around sheep. The sheep ranged from 7 inches to 7 feet and fun was had by all involved in this project.
Hanging sheep

Sweet Mother Logic is very interesting band with a solid and professional sound. Every show they put on is much more than a concert, it is a full on theatrical maneuver! This event was incredible and diverse and jam packed with talented artists coming together for fun and drinks. I am privileged to have been a part if it.

April is Fibre Arts month!
I have been making sure to do my part to contribute. Initiatives, collaborations, publications and charitable donations are some of the ways that I am commemorating Fibre Arts Month!
Sent away two fine art postcards as an experiment to see how they would survive the mail and they made it to their destination! Sadly, I forgot to photograph them before they made the journey.
If you are in the NY area you should pop by The Brooklyn Art Library and see if you can spot me.
It is a great place to be.

Then it was the 20 x 20 show at CTCM.
ctcm ctcm
This month I donated a few things to be sold to benefit the Centre Textiles Contemporain de Montreal at their 20th Anniversary party and fundraiser, 20 x 20. It was a huge success and tons of fun. $8 000 have been raised so far! The exhibition will be up until April 30th.

Coming soon:
Mail Me Something Book (June)
The postcards sent out to the Mail Me Something postcard show at the Brooklyn Art Library in New York are not only on display they are also in a book!
To pre-order your copy click the link
Order Now!

High Chroma Picnic (dates TBA)
The sheep and I will be going for a walk in the park. Fun and photos, live music and food. Something you have to see to believe.

Too Cool For Art School! Art and Science Fair (May 8th)
Taking Family Portrait on the road! On May 8th I will be in Toronto presenting my work in cyanotype at the Harbourfront Center.
For more information on this event click HERE.

Erronious Zones (dates TBA)
This exhibit will be an interdisciplinary presentation of work that addresses the many ways in which the body is ‘mistaken’. When and where this happens you will find Simulacra, my hand/gloves.

….. and be sure that I have at least a 1/2 dozen other plates in the air. The updates to come promise action, adventure, drama, romance and loads of art.

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Nuit Blanche à Montréal!

Snowflake from The Long February

Tomorrow night will mark the 7th edition of Nuit Blanche à Montréal! This will be my 2nd year participating!

My short crocheted animation will, along with other video art, be the backdrop for an evening of live musical acts, DJing and spoken word performances.

The Long February

More information regarding this event can be found on the CKUT website or the official Nuit Blanche à Montréal website

Be there or be square!

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Experiments with sound and light


Description of the piece – Deep Woods / Bois sauvages
Sound-activated interactive sculpture. Found wood, silk, cotton thread and circuitry.

Deep Woods retells an old and familiar story, one featured in countless fairytales and sensationalistic news reports: that of a child lost in the wilderness. It is a story with a powerful and universal resonance; nearly everyone can remember a moment from their childhood in which they found themselves suddenly and surprisingly alone in a strange place, their mind racing with fright, freedom and awe. Likewise, very few parents can say they have not contemplated the terrifying possibility of losing sight of their child in a vast, potentially hostile environment, imagining the panic, helplessness and dread they would feel as a result. Deep Woods attempts to approach this narrative from both perspectives simultaneously, tapping into the intense mix of emotions associated with each, and exploring the nature of memory, fear, loss and discovery. Also, since Deep Woods’ ghostly, illustrated screens cannot be seen unless the viewer hunches, looks closely and causes enough noise to trigger its brief, staccato flashes of light, the piece requires active participation, encouraging the reader to involve themselves in both the story and the storytelling.

On display at Diagonale from January 23rd until February 6th 2010
Opening Saturday January 23rd, 2pm.

5455, rue de Gaspé
espace 203
Montréal, (QC)
H2T 3B3
Téléphone: 514 524 6645

Description de l’oeuvre – Deep Woods / Bois Sauvages
Sculpture interactive à activation sonore. Bois recyclé, de soie, de fil de coton, et de circuiterie.

Bois sauvages raconte une histoire à la fois ancienne et familière, une histoire qui a paru dans les contes de fées comme dans les journaux sensationnalistes : celle d’un enfant perdu dans la nature sauvage. C’est une histoire avec un effet puissant et universel; presque tout le monde a vécu un moment en tant qu’enfant où ils ou elles se sont retrouvés soudainement seuls dans un endroit étranger, leurs esprits bouleversés par la peur, la liberté et l’émerveillement. Pareillement, il est rare qu’un parent puisse dire qu’il ou elle n’ai jamais songé à un scénario dans lequel il ou elle perd sont enfant dans un endroit vaste et dangereux, s’imaginant saisi par la panique, le désespoir et l’impuissance. Bois sauvages tente présenter ce scénario à la fois de la perspective d’un enfant et de celle d’un parent, cherchant à saisir les émotions intenses de chaque, et à explorer la mémoire, la peur, la perte et la découverte. En plus, puisque les voiles fantomatiques de l’œuvre ne sont pas visibles à moins que le spectateur se penche, regarde de très près et fait assez de bruit pour activer éclairage staccato des boites, Bois sauvages exige que le spectateur participe à l’histoire en tant que personnage et raconteur.

Chez Diagonale de 23 janvier au 6 février 2010
Vernissage le samedi 23 janvier, 14h

5455, rue de Gaspé
espace 203
Montréal, (QC)
H2T 3B3
Téléphone: 514 524 6645

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