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Little ideas are growing quickly….

Dear loyal fans and followers, I have news!

This AWESOME organization has just awarded me $1000 for being AWESOME! How AWESOME is that?! Well, the money is also maybe, probably, likely because of my AWESOME new collaborative project with artist Emily Cook.
Together, her and I are going to transform a small section of Ottawa, Ontario into something AWESOME. Just you wait and see….. the seeds have been planted in our minds, the funding is watering them, the interest in our idea is warming them and something will be sprouting up any minute now….

For more information about the project and the organization that is funding it click here.

More updates on this project as it develops. Promise!

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Show at Diagonale!

Exposition des lauréats du Prix DIAGONALE 2009

Emily Comeau (Concordia)
Nathalie Racicot (U. Laval)
Alison McCreesh (UQAC)
Maude Bernier Chabot (UQAM)
Hugo Gaudet-Dion (UQO)

23 janvier au 6 février 2010

Vernissage : 23 janvier à 14h

Depuis 1997, DIAGONALE offre le prix du Centre des arts et des fibres du Québec à des institutions d’enseignement universitaire du Québec qui dispensent des cours en arts textiles et/ou en arts visuels aux étudiants s’étant illustrés par leur travail de création en utilisant des techniques et/ou des procédés relevant du domaine des arts de la fibre. Offert d’abord à l’Université du Québec à Montréal, ainsi qu’à l’Université Concordia, à Montréal, ce prix est, depuis 2001, offert également aux étudiants de l’Université Laval, à Québec. En 2005, l’Université du Québec à Chicoutimi et l’Université du Québec en Outaouais s’ajoutent aussi à la liste des participants.

L’objectif général du Prix du centre des arts et des fibres du Québec vise à faire connaître davantage la discipline et donc d’en faire la promotion dans le milieu de l’enseignement des arts. Afin de favoriser l’émergence de nouveaux artistes de cette discipline, ce prix s’adresse aux étudiants au baccalauréat en arts visuels et/ou en enseignement des arts qui abordent la création d’une œuvre d’art par le biais du textile. Il vise à encourager l’étudiant qui, soit par le choix des matériaux, des procédés qu’il utilise, ou encore par le concept mis de l’avant, contribue à la valorisation et à la reconnaissance du contenu fibre dans l’œuvre d’art actuel.

Emily Comeau Nathalie Racicot
Alison McCreesh Maude Bernier Chabot
Hugo Gaudet-Dion

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Committed postcard



Exhibiting: July 20th – 31st, VAV Gallery (1395 René Levesque O.)
Featured artists: Pippa Bartlett, Emily Comeau and Stewart Fanning

VERNISSAGE: 6-8PM, Tuesday July 21st, in the VAV Gallery and outdoor courtyard
Includes cheap drinks, free food and free live music by Jesse Dangerously (http://www.dangerously.ca/) and Gutstrings (http://www.myspace.com/gguuttssttrriinnggss)


Concordia’s VAV Gallery concludes its already impressive summer program with more talented artists and a rocking finale! Committed features new and innovative works by visual artists Pippa Bartlett, Emily Comeau and Stewart Fanning, and will kick things off with live performances by Canadian indie hiphopper Jesse Dangerously and local cello and electronics act Gutstrings.

Committed both showcases and explores ideas of compulsion, obsession, repetition and a dedication to artistic expression and production. Each artist’s work displays an exaggerated attention to detail, demonstrating a commitment to craft that could be said to border on the neurotic, skirting the fine line between committed and committable.


Pippa Bartlett – Again and Again (textiles and soft sculpture)
When we hear the words again and again, they often bear a weight of monotony and frustration. We live in a culture that glorifies innovative products and ideas but clings to the comfort of tradition, seeing repetition and routine as both advantageous and detrimental. Again and Again seeks to capture this contradiction, pulling its inspiration in part from Rainer Maria Rilke’s poem of the same name.

Emily Comeau – 2 Ply (textiles, papercraft and soft sculpture)
2 Ply is a commentary on disposable culture and our fascination with the handcrafted in a time in which nearly everything is manufactured and mass-produced. By exploring the patterns and form of toilet paper through the old-fashioned and time-intensive media of papermaking and traditional quilting, this work attempts not only to examine the place of the handmade in post-industrial society, but also to highlight the surprising beauty in everyday objects we tend to overlook.

Stewart Fanning – Untitled (drawings)
Fanning holds a BFA from NSCAD University and is involved in the Animation Program at Concordia University. His current drawing work is heavily inspired by nature as well as detailed, scientific representations of the natural world such as topographical maps and study drawings of aquatic organisms.



“In the world of rap, you could say I’m hoeing a lonely road,
‘cause I’ve got respect for women and hate religion and homophobes.”
-Jesse Dangerously

Self-proclaimed Halifax rap legend Jesse Dangerously is a perfect fit for this particular art show, as he also displays a fierce dedication to craft in his impossibly long and impossibly fast multisyllabic rhymes. His music is also involved in reconciling seemingly incongruous elements, such as his passionate love of hiphop (past and present) and his socially conscious politics, or his desire to make tracks that are deeply personal and eye-opening and his equally strong desire to make them fun as hell. Both fans of rap and skeptics alike should be impressed by the sheer talent, heart and wit Dangerously brings to the stage.

In keeping with the show’s motifs of meticulous skill and unlikely combinations, Gutstrings seamlessly blends classically trained cello with quirky indie pop vocals and hiphop-inspired beats, looping and sampling. The result is both beautiful and bouncy, danceable and entrancing.

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Daily Doughnut


Daily Doughnut explores ideas of compulsion and the dichotomy of creation and consumption.  This work is an endless production of crocheted pastries.  An approachable piece that holds considerable conceptual “weight”.

A sense of humor is evident in my art practice.  My work explores ideas of accessibility and disposable culture and presents itself as a reaction to a culture of over intellectualized and inaccessible art.  Through my work I struggle to create unpretentious objects that dare to be enjoyable, fun and pretty without abandoning their conceptual identity.  Repetitive gesture activities and ideas of compulsion and obsession are themes that reoccur throughout my pieces.
Using crochet as a medium, I have constructed 28 doughnuts of a range of “flavors” restricting myself to representing only existing varieties.  For the presentation of this piece in the Art Matters festival I will be exhibiting the doughnuts under glass cake domes, each filled with 7 doughnuts, representing days and weeks and implying the longevity of this piece.
Each doughnut measures approximately 3 ½” in diameter and 1 ½” in depth and is constructed from acrylic yarns and polyester filling.

Daily Doughnut is an ongoing project.

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