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Headlight 15


The 15th edition of Headlight Anthology has arrived!

Concordia University’s literary anthology publishing both students and alumni, founded by Joshua Knelman, offers up a sophisticated collection on the theme of Lost, Found, and Stolen in it’s 15th anniversary issue.

Editors-in-Chief: T Noah J Nazim, Kathryn Pobjoy, and Katherine Sehl did a fanstastic job bringing everything together and designer James Bouthilier has impressed the hell out of me with this classy tome.

I’m not just saying that because I’m in it either!

It is a beautifully designed book. But you don’t have to take my word for it! Go pick up your own copy and see for yourself! Just 7 bucks!

Headlight Anthology can be found at these particular locations:

The Word Bookstore
The Concordia Co-op Bookstore
The National Library
Argo Books
Drawn & Quarterly

Or simply fire them a message at headlightanthology@gmail.com or on their facebook page!

This volume features the work of:
Jesse Anger
Heidi Barkun
Michael Belcher
Emily Comeau
Natalie Draz
Stefani Forster
Celyn Harding-Jones
Richard Harvor
Fazeela Jiwa
Aliya Kahsay
Rebecca Loughead
Jessi MacEachern
Aeron MacHattie
Rabecca MacPhee
Edith Maisonneuve
Domenica Martinello
Elena Blanco Moleon
Tyler Morency
Lizy Mostowski
T. Noah J. Nazim
Ali Pinkney
Kathryn Pobjoy
Diandre Prendimano
Laura Rokas
Bailey Seybolt
Adam Simms
Jenny Smart
Ksenija Spasic
Ben Spencer
Julian Stamboulieh
Andrea Sun
Stephanie Wong Ken

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En Avril!

Hey all!

Did you know that April is Fibre Arts month? Well, it is! In Montreal, April is dedicated to a month-long celebration and promotion of Fibre Art in a festival called En Avril.

How will you participate? The En Avril website has put together a comprehensive program of galleries, artist-run centers and artists who are hosting events or are presenting work in this festival. Fill up your calendar with fiberlicious outings!

How am I participating? Well, Au Deuxieme, the studio that I am a member of, is offering an exciting weekend of workshops during our open house celebration next weekend! On Saturday April 14th and Sunday April 15th, Au Deuxieme will be open to the public from 12-7. Come on out and check out the mini gallery of art made by the members and if you are more of a hands on type, stick around for our workshops! On Sunday we will be offering a print workshop on the basics of block-printing, paper stencils and silk-screen and on Sunday we will offering a dye workshop showing you Shibori techniques with natural dyes!

For more information check out the facebook event!

Happy Easter weekend!

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Post Nuit Blanche recap

Well, what a night! Happy to have made it through to the other side!

Thanks everyone who came out to Studio427 on Saturday night and partook in our sleepless night and grill cheese sandwiches! It was so nice to see you all!

It got quite busy in there!

Sadly, I wasn’t feeling well and so I ended up playing things really easy that night and stuck to the Belgo instead of running all over town to see cool things. The Belgo is far from boring though and was jam packed with interesting things. Things like this nerdy number by Winthrop Jones titled Brad Pitt Skin:

And this piece by Tyson Parks title Blog Roll. As you may know, I am always a huge fan of toilet paper inspired art and puns and so this piece was quick to win my heart.

More information about that show over at Ratsdeville if you are interested.

However, the highlight of my night was definitely the nawhale pulling the chariot! Sadly I didn’t catch who made it. Do you know? I have just been informed that this masterful papier-mâché creature exists thanks to the MAW Collective, a group made up of the talented Gabriel Baribeau, Jackson Darby, Max Evans, John Gunner, Craig Spence and Simon Zaborskia. Thanks for the info, John!
More informtaion on this group and the show I saw can be found here! on the Eastern Bloc blog.

Anyway, the trouble with Nuit Blanche is that no matter how well you plan things or how rested you are, you just can’t do everything. Hopefully, next year I will not be sick and will be able to up my art intake substantially.

See you next year!

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Galerie FRINGE Expo-Vernissage

This year the Montreal FRINGE Festival is launching a new event, Galerie FRINGE!

For ONE DAY ONLY, Thursday, June 2 · 6:00pm – 9:00pm at CTRLLAB Montreal Art House (3634 St. Laurent) you can come out and see and possibly even buy original art work from Montreal artists! Including myself!

The other artists featured at this event are listed below. I have added links to the artist’s pages when I could find them for your convenience and I really hope I didn’t get anyone mixed up. If you discover that I linked to the wrong website, or would like a link added, please let me know and I will fix it ASAP.

Check us out!

Lorraine Albert
Rémi Beaupré
Armando Cabba
Doug Capron
Mélanie Casey
Heather Cutts
Emily Comeau
Genty Fabien
Gabriela Gard Galiana
David Hoult
Sonia Khenfech
Cindy Lopez
Joanne Madeley
Pascal Normand
Liana Paré
Stéphanie Perrault
Jeremy Price
Greg Stone
Emilie Tremblay
Jacqueline Tremblay
Reine Vanille

Entrance to this event is FREE!

Facebook event listing!

Hope to see you there!

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A.P.O – version française

À vos marques! Prêts? ARTS!

“Du 20 au 22 mai 2011, le Centre d’art et de diffusion CLARK présente,
en partenariat avec Ubisoft Montréal, 3e édition des Ateliers Portes Ouvertes (APO) du Mile-End.
Pendant trois jours, une centaine d’artistes professionnels et d’organismes ouvriront les portes de leurs ateliers
au public entre 13 h et 18 h.

Dans le local 203 (DIAGONALE) seront présent :

Lyne Girard,
Nicole Panneton, http://www3.sympatico.ca/nicole.panneton
Danièle Bergeron, http://tartinecaffe.blogspot.com
Alanna Lynch, http://alannalynch.wordpress.com
Emily Comeau,https://emilycomeau.wordpress.com
Stéphanie L’Heureux, http://www.stephanielheureux.com

Le quartier Mile-End à Montréal profite de la plus haute densité d’artistes au Canada.
La 3e édition des APO vous propose d’explorer cet écosystème à l’imaginaire fertile dans
un contexte de rencontre et d’échange avec les artistes dans l’intimité de leur espace de création.

La programmation complète de la 3e édition des Ateliers Portes
Ouvertes du Mile-End est disponible au http://www.clarkplaza.org .
Les visiteurs pourront explorer les ateliers à leur guise ou prendre part à une visite guidée.
Toutes les activités offertes dans le cadre des APO sont gratuites !
Les adeptes des médias sociaux pourront partager leur expérience des
APO sur Twitter en utilisant le #APO2011.”

Venez me rendre visite! Je suis là toute la journée!

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