Tutorial Tuesday – Fingerless mitts

Recently I posted a few quick and easy Halloween craft tutorials to share with everyone. I hope you enjoyed them! Well, I guess I have caught a tutorial fever because I have a few more to share with you in the weeks to come! As we all gear up for the gift giving season I will post some fast, easy and inexpensive gift ideas for you to make for that special someone.

A pair of fingerless mitts is a project that knits up fast, requires very few materials and makes a great gift.
This pair of fingerless gloves is a project tutorial that I did in collaboration with Deserres for their website. Take a look at the full tutorial HERE.
This tutorial is also available in French on the Deserres website along with other festive projects.

Happy knitting!

Halloween tutorial – Pom Pom Spider

This is a super easy craft that anyone can do. These can be used as decorations, on key chains or zipper pulls or added to hair or clothing for some extra Halloween spirit. Once you make one you will find that you won’t want to stop.

The project is simple, even if my instructions are not as I am still very new to this tutorial business. All you have to do is make a Pom Pom, like you normally would, and throw in some pipe clearers before you tie it around the middle then add some eyes for a finishing touch.




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Halloween tutorial – Glamorous Gourds

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year!”

Oh geeze, Halloween is great isn’t it? It’s, like, the #1 craft holiday! EVERYONE, no matter how foreign glue and cardboard are to them for the rest of the year, has at some point in their life attempted to make a disguise or decoration in anticipation of October 31.

So to honour this magical season full of glitter and guts I have decided to post some quick and easy project tutorials to help you get into the spirit.

Happy haunting!



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The Love Show!

New work! New Show! The 10th annual Love Show opens on November 8th at 918 Bathurst in Toronto! I have 2 pieces for sale in this show as it is a fundraiser for Sistering, a super great organization dedicated to the empowerment of women! Spread the word! See the show! Help out this great organization!

This year the theme for the show is The Wall. The way I interpreted the call was to work on some emotional walls that trip me up and get in the way of my constantly struggling self-esteem. I find that I am my worst enemy most, if not, ALL of the time. In the case of this art piece I have embroidered the simple statement “It’s okay”. It is a reassurance, a consolation, a soothing gesture giving myself permission to screw up and be lousy and be less than perfect because you know what? It’s okay!

Both pieces measure 6″ x 6″ and are made of embroidered sequins on canvas stretched around a wooden frame. I didn’t manage to even get a finished photo of this one before I sent it off. Guess this photo of it pre-stretched will have to be okay. 😉

These works are part of an ongoing project of embroidered sequins versions of daily affirmations creating firm and strong amour-like objects. The process of sewing the sequins individually by hand is arduous and time consuming and it is hard not to meditate on the phrase or word that you are spending days completing, thus turning it into a sort of mantra. The overall experiment that I am attempting with this project is to turn the actual physical art project into merely a bi-product and redressing the art process as the project. I am the art project. You are the art project.

Hard Twist 7: Touch Me, Feel Me

Hard Twist 7: Touch Me, Feel Me opens TONIGHT at the Gladstone Hotel in Toronto! Don’t miss it! It is the start of The World of Threads Festival, a month long festival of local, national and international contemporary fiber art.

I am debuting Cat’s Cradle in this show! At 4′ x 4′ and made from 80 individually cast plaster fingers entwined with Alpaca yarn, this is the largest, heaviest, most expensive and most ambitious project I have ever completed to date! She is a real beauty, though.

Cat’s Cradle is a waking nightmare of twisted fingers emerging from a wall, coupled with the familiar childhood game of interlacing fingers with string, resulting in an aesthetic work of textile art with a sinister undertone. This piece echoes a childhood game put to a much larger scale. A physically impossible cat’s cradle, held together by a precarious tension, explores the relationship between play and art and the limitations the human body is restricted to contrasted with the limitless creative liberty that art is afforded. Through this piece a fleeting childhood experience is captured by the lasting power of artistic expression.

Come on out to 1214 Queen Street West, the corner of Gladstone and Queen, from 6-9pm tonight and pop your head in to see the incredible and tactile collection of fiber art in this years exhibition!

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